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Hardwood Flooring Stores in Washington

Are you searching for hardwood flooring near you in Port Angeles, WA? Visit McCrorie Carpet One Floor & Home! Our flooring experts can help you choose the perfect hardwood flooring option to match your interior design needs. In general, hardwood floors are a timeless and classic addition to any space with the benefit of return on investment (ROI). For this reason, hardwood flooring continues to be the trending look in every interior.


Looking to invest in your space? Here’s a guideline for choosing hardwood flooring to suit your space.


Which Types of Hardwood Do You Offer?


With a vast array of wood species available, you're sure to find an option you love. From light, bright natural oak floors to rich, sophisticated mahogany and everything in between, finding the right type of hardwood is important for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Different species exhibit a range of features, including various hardness levels, hardwood floor colors, and grain patterns. We offer both rustic and classic styles, with the choice of waterproof, engineered, and solid hardwood options.


Some hardwood species to choose from include:


Did you know? We also offer Waterproof Hardwood! Ask one of our flooring experts whether your space is suited to our waterproof flooring.


Solid vs. Engineered: Which One Is Best For Me?


Most of our customers are surprised to learn just how similar engineered and solid hardwood is. Here’s a closer look at both engineered and solid hardwood flooring.


Solid Hardwood


Timeless, beautiful, simple. These are just a few of the many compliments you may receive in regard to your interior’s hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood is made from a single plank of premium hardwood. It is this simplistic construction that allows the natural characteristics of each plank to stand out, regardless of style or color.


Some benefits of solid hardwood include:


Engineered Hardwood


Contrary to what the name might suggest, the top layer of engineered hardwood is made of real wood. Engineered hardwood planks are generally constructed by laminating 3 to 7 layers of composite wood together, resulting in a sturdier, more moisture-resistant product.

Some benefits of engineered hardwood include:




Where Can My Hardwood Flooring Be Installed?


An experienced professional should do hardwood floor installation to ensure that your new floors perform optimally over the years. Plus, we offer specific warranties for all our flooring options.


Here’s a closer look at where to install your chosen hardwood flooring:





Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


Are you looking for a quality hardwood store near you? Visit one of our showroom locations in Sequim, Port Hadlock, and Port Angeles. We offer various hardwood floor options, including innovative new products like Hydrotek™ waterproof hardwood. Whether you want European-inspired dark wood floors with rustic texture or contemporary wood floor panels, we have you covered with affordable, quality options.


In addition to the best hardwood flooring brands and products in the region, we always feature affordable prices and friendly, personalized services. We also regularly have hardwood flooring sales. Contact us today to see the latest offerings or stop by to see our flooring samples in person; or browse our online selection today.



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