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Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants

If you have a smaller flooring project coming up, you should consider using carpet remnants. Carpet remnants are made from the end pieces of carpet rolls and are generally too small to use for full-scale projects. We discount these carpet pieces, which means deep savings for you if you have a purpose for them. Although they’re on sale, don’t mistake them as cheap carpet or carpet scraps – our carpet remnants come from high-quality, premium flooring collections made with the latest technologies and styles. 


What Can Carpet Remnants Be Used For?

Carpet remnants are ideal for a variety of projects, including adding flooring to smaller spaces like nurseries, home offices, closets, playrooms, individual bedrooms, and more. Bound carpet remnants have a border added around them and are perfect for creating an affordable area rug, runner, or floor mat. You can also use them to carpet stairs or for custom stair runners. 

Smaller carpet pieces have a more extensive range of useful applications, such as padding and protection for furniture and flooring. You can use them beneath couch legs, desks, chairs, and more to prevent dents and abrasions. They’re also handy for moving larger pieces of furniture. Simply flip the carpet scrap pile-side down beneath the furniture and slide it across the floor. 

You’ll also frequently see carpet remnants used for cat scratch posts, pet crate padding, and beneath litter boxes. Giving your cat a carpet piece to paw keeps them from scratching up items you don’t want them to ruin, like your couch, rug, and mattress. You can also use carpet remnants for various purposes in outdoor sheds, workshops, and garages. Many people even put them in their cars for a floor mat.

If you’re looking for carpet remnants near you, look no further than McCrorie Carpet One Floor & Home. We have showroom locations in Port Angeles, Port Hadlock, and Sequim, WA. We also proudly serve the entire North Olympic Peninsula. Contact us today for more details. 

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