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Our Experts


JD Schaeffer


James Dean Schaeffer (also known as JD) was born in Spokane, raised in Montana, and moved to Port Angeles at the age of 9. JD is the assistant to the warehouse manager and has worked at McCrorie’s for the last 4 months. Some of his duties include unloading freight, delivering products to customers houses and/or businesses, preparing products for installers the day before the big job, cleaning the warehouse, cutting carpet and rugs, moving furniture for installers, and finally, taking out the garbage. Before McCrorie’s, JD worked for Libtech making snowboards. In his spare time, JD enjoys riding quads, target shooting, camping, snowboarding, video games and traveling.

Bob Mccrorie

Bob Gridley


Bob Gridley: “Mr. Detail”. As a professional project manager and owner of both residential and commercial rental properties - you will find that I tend to view your project from extremely detailed, nuts-and-bolts technical, team and finally, integrated design, texture and color orientations. Knowledge is power – I will teach you as much as you are willing to learn about what you are trying to accomplish with new floor-coverings, granite or quartz counter-tops and top-tier window treatments. This Nebraska ranch country boy is old-school; I eschew “quick-and-easy”; I will measure the dimensions of your project with a laser (accurate to 1/8 inch over 100 feet), seamlessly integrating that data into a tablet-based, specialty flooring application. I am known for thoroughness and detail in all things, especially with regard to product knowledge, client tutelage and understanding, site inspection and quote work-ups. I am committed to generating the very best sub-floor preparation, product selection and installation relative to your current and future projects. Thank you sincerely for your trust, and patronage… “Transforming your World… - one step at a time. We’ve only just begun!!”

Ben Mccrorie

Ben Palter


Ben has shared his passion for design and color with customers in California for almost 20 years before coming to Mccrorie Carpet One. His professional education has included numerous design classes and Stainmaster and Carpet One training courses. Ben combines his technical knowledge with his sense of style to offer valuable design suggestions on color and texture. He has earned the respect of customers for his ability to find the right flooring choice to match lifestyles.

"My customers mean the world to me. Being a member of a knowledgeable sales team, knowing we provide great products and experienced installation crews gives me confidence to say Mccrorie Carpet One is above the rest at providing the best value for the homeowner."


Jason Thompson


Jason Thompson has lived in Port Angeles since 1996. He got his experience in the construction industry in the early 2000's and proceeded to work in a fast, high volume environment, assuring client satisfaction in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Passionate about customer service, the move to McCrorie's was a natural fit. With encouragement from friends and neighbors, Jason is working to build his portfolio and ensure his customers leave satisfied with his work. In his free time, Jason loves to hike with his wife and 2 children. He also works on a number of committees that handle local events. Grateful for an amazing group of community minded friends, Jason makes sure that new residents and contractors are always welcomed into the community in a way that has become customary here in the Pacific Northwest.


Dean Burton


Dean has worked with us as an insightful interior design consultant since 1995. He enjoys helping clients to reflect the moods they desire in their interiors, and especially enjoys the in home visits. Everybody has a collection or a good story to share which keeps him going.

Dean is blessed with a beautiful wife, three daughters, and six grandchildren which he finds complimented by a great staff of people at McCrorie Carpet One. Dean finds great job here on the Olympic Peninsula adding that golf, cribbage, scrabble and the beauty of the outdoors are his passions. As he is easing into retirement, he works out of our Port Angeles show room a couple days a week and is available on an appointment bases at any of our three locations.


Bill Barrett


Bill has 25+ years of customer service, 7+ years flooring experience, 4+ years flooring insurance experience, 3 years store manager, and sales person trainer. He is always ready to help other sales personnel be better at what they do. He is good at learning/understanding "the big picture" in the business and always looking for ways to make all jobs easier, faster and customer service better.

The most important thing is not this sale, but the next one and that the customer will refer friends and family for more service. Some of his personal interests/priorities are family, friends, cars, and traveling. Life should be fun and challenging, always with an eye to the future. You only get out of life what you put into it. If you want something, go for it. If you’re honest in your intentions, good will come back to you.


Vincent Ioffrida


Vincent was born in California and moved to the peninsula in 2006, where he attended and graduated from Port Angeles High School. Vincent has been with McCrorie’s for about 3 months now and is being mentored on the process and technical skill of floor installation. A few things Vincent does on the job is remove old flooring, prepare materials and tools for specific jobs, and helps his mentor with anything he needs. Before working for McCrorie’s, he worked in the fast food industry. Vincent enjoys the game of soccer and has played for over 12 years at the high school and club level. He also enjoys the great outdoors and will occasionally go on hikes in the Olympic National Park.


Beau Hart


Beau has lived on the peninsula his whole life and has been with McCrorie Carpet One for the past 10 years. He is McCrorie’s hardwood/tile specialist and installer and some of his roles includes communicating with customers, sales staff, and the warehouse for job preferences, materials and scheduling, installing tile or hardwood in homes or businesses in the surrounding area, and installation consultant. Before McCrorie’s, he washed trucks for Pettit Oil in Port Angeles. Beau enjoys snowboarding and baseball. One interesting fact about Beau is that he has only eaten a brownie once in his life.


Patrick McCrorie


Patrick was born and raised in Sequim, Washington as well as a graduate from Sequim High School. He has worked for McCrorie’s for the last 3 years as an installer and installs a variety of products for customers around the Peninsula. Before McCrorie’s, he was a lifeguard and some of Patrick’s hobbies include playing soccer and working out at the gym.


Chuck Welch


Charles Welch, also known as Chuck, has been with McCrorie Carpet One for the past 14 years. His specialty is laying carpet and some of his roles includes preparing and installing carpet, pad, and making houses look great again. He has been in the flooring industry and installing floors for 44 years now. Chuck enjoys racing, football, camping, visiting grandchildren, family events, and enjoying home life. When it comes to doing his job, he is a perfectionist. “If it’s not right, I don’t sleep at night!”-Chuck


Edwin Honeycutt


Edwin is originally from the Southeast of the United States and has lived in Sequim for about 12 years. He is McCrorie Carpet One’s blind installer and has worked with the company for several years periodically now. Before McCrorie’s, Edwin was a business owner and retired from a major corporation. In his spare time, Edwin enjoys coin collecting and yard landscaping. One interesting fact about Edwin is that he served 6 years as trustee on board of Sequim Museum and Arts Center.


Joe Gentry


Originally from Iowa, Joe made his way around the world with his military family, where his father was in the Airforce, and now has been married to his beautiful wife, Linda, for 28 years and has 3 children. For 26 years, Joe has roamed the streams that have carved their path through the valleys of the majestic Olympic Mountains and worked at McCrorie’s as one of the most experienced installers. As a young lad, he apprenticed for a flooring artist and gained the knowledge to become one of the best at what he does after having over 30 years in the flooring industry. Joe is meticulous, smart, and hard-working which has forged him into a master of his trade. Joe has many roles within the store such as installing flooring products to the best of his ability to satisfy customers, communicate with sales staff to coordinate jobs and the warehouse staff to prepare materials and gather tools, and teach or pass the technical knowledge of installation procedures to the new and unexperienced. Joe enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, fishing, kayaking, golfing in the summer and fall while bowling during the cold dark winter season.

Maria Rentas.

Maria Rentas


Maria is the Administrative Manager for McCrorie Carpet One and has been with the company since 1991. She manages all financial operations of all locations including but not limited to Human Resources, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, IT management, inventory management & pricing, accounting financials and federal and state taxes. Along with her husband, Darren, she is partners with John McCrorie in the carpet cleaning division of the company. Her and her husband also own and manage two other businesses. Before she worked for McCrorie’s and after completing her education at Washington State University, she worked for a public accounting firm. Some things she enjoys are real estate investments, family, and spending time with her husband whom she considers her best friend. She is blessed to have two beautiful children and a loving family.

Sally Renee.

Sally Renee


Sally has been with the McCrorie’s since June 2017 and before McCrorie’s, she worked in the boating industry in Washington, Alaska, and Marshall Islands. Some of her duties include customer service, answering phones at the reception desk, assists the sales department with quotes and payments, other general office duties and keeping the sales floor in good order. She raised her family in Sequim and now has established a home in Port Townsend. She enjoys kayaking, reading, photography, and hiking. Her family and friends are what she considers her greatest assets.

Dan McSherry.

Dan McSherry


Dan has been married since 1974, has 3 boys and 6 grandkids. He has been at McCrorie’s on and off since late 1980’s. Reading is his hobby and Jesus is his passion.

David Boyd.

David Boyd


David have been employed with McCrorie Carpet One for 27 years as the warehouse manager. David has been married for 22 years to his wife, Julie, and have two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Emily. In his spare time, I enjoy hunting, fishing and gardening.

Mark Leffers

Mark Leffers


Married 45 years to the “love of his life”, Mark began working for McCrorie Carpet One in 1988. Mark has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He has 35 plus years of experience in all aspects of the flooring industry. His business motto is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. His ultimate goal in life is that his children and grandchildren would rise up and call him Blessed! His hobbies include golf and spending time with his family.


Nikayla Koch


Originally from Colorado, Nikayla spent a year in Florida before making the move across county to the Olympic Peninsula in 2017. Currently working in Accounts Payable here at McCrorie Carpet One in Port Angeles, Nikayla enjoys being anywhere near the water as well as babysitting and grew up barrel racing, playing basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and cheerleading. Before working here at McCrorie Carpet One, she was working at a local restaurant as a server as well as caring for three little boys in her off time. If not at work Nikayla can be found at home reading, babysitting or checking out tidepools. Hoping to pursue a degree in marine biology and geographical information systems, she is happy working here at McCrorie Carpet One whether its answering phones, scheduling carpet cleanings or paying suppliers in the meantime and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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Jeremy grew up in Port Angeles and lives here with his wife Kate and daughter Louella. Together they love to build cars, play guitar, and fish the rivers. Jeremy has been with McCrorie Carpet One for two years and loves that he gets to meet and help new people every day. His favorite part of the job is helping people create a home that they can be proud of, and getting to utilize his eye for detail. An interesting fact about Jeremy is that he has two different colored eyes.

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Sophia joined the team here at McCrorie’s in September 2019 and works as the Accounts Payable Manager. She graduated from Peninsula College with an AAS in Business Administration, which is what initially sparked her interest in bookkeeping. She loves the positive environment at McCrorie’s and the opportunity to learn new things every day. Sophia grew up in the Seattle area but spent her childhood vacationing to the Olympic Peninsula visiting family, before finally making the move to Sequim in 2014. She fell in love with the area and everything that it has to offer. After marrying her high school sweetheart in 2018, they moved to Port Angeles, where they currently live. In the summertime, Sophia loves to be outside, working in the garden and taking walks along the many beaches in the area. In her free time, she also likes to play guitar and piano, cook delicious meals, and spend lots of time with family.

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Originally from Northwest Arkansas, Tasha made Port Angeles her permanent home in 2016. With her, Tasha brought her adored husband, love for dogs, and southern hospitality. As a child, Tasha spent her summers alongside her family in the carpet business. She went from pretending to scale the highest peak on the carpet roll mountains in the warehouse, to skillfully installing a variety of flooring under the guidance of her stepfather. Today, she is being trained as an expert Sales Representative at McCrorie Carpet One by her well-informed and extremely knowledgeable peers. Whether you are looking to discuss flooring, blinds, and other home amenities or get the scoop on a nearby trail, stop by and meet Tasha today. When Tasha is not at work, you can often find her on the trails hiking or biking with her friends and pets.




Weston was born in Burbank, CA, and raised in Malibu, CA, but now works here in Washington at our Port Hadlock location. Weston joined our Port Hadlock store working in the warehouse and managing and scheduling installations. With a background in installation, Weston is very intuitive and is great at anticipating the needs of our customers. One of his favorite parts of his job is getting to see the joy customers feel when they get to see the finished product and helping them get there. Weston has an older brother in the area and loves to go hiking, backpacking and also enjoys being on the water.


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